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Company Profile

EUROCASA – GIANNOPOULOS is a company that specializes, since the late 1970ies , in the construction of town or country, wooden frame houses, built all over Greece. Eurocasa houses are completed in record time (turn-key job), thanks to the pre-fabrication of the wooden frames, the use of modern methods and experienced, specialized teams.

EUROCASA strives to secure high quality for all building materials used in the construction, under detailed plans and strict technical specifications.

Apart from several model plans that are available, the design of every house can be adapted by our architectural department to the site and to the client’s personal requirements.

We build

Prefabricated 100
Mixed 100
Conventional 100
Stone constructions 100

Some of our projects

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  • ip2015a
  • ip304_2070
  • pi2015a