Since 1975, our company designs and constructs :

Prefabricated wood-frame, mixed, conventional and stone buildings.

The standards of EUROCASA housing

Wherever your land property is situated in Greece – in town or the countryside, on an island or a mountain – with the official Building Permit that be issued in your name and on the appropriate reinforced concrete platform, we build the EUROCASA house you have selected from our wide variety of standard plans, or we shall specially design together, with our pertinent, experienced personnel, using modern technique and materials, with adequate organization and under our constant supervision.
This will be done in the minimum of time and predetermined cost, so that you will soon be able to enjoy your dream for the permanent or vacation house that will become your family’s home for a lifetime.

EUROCASA is offering you:

  • Over 30 years of professional experience in the construction of wooden frame houses, all over Greece.

  • Exclusive, modern design for all our houses, by our experienced Architectural department, adapted to the special technique, the building regulations in force, as well as the adequate local aesthetic standards.
  • Possibility of adapting the design to the individual character of each site and to your specific requirements by our Architectural department.

  • Construction according to severe standards set by the Earthquake and Energy Preservation regulations.
  • Fully detailed technical specifications, adapted to technological progress, are part of the contract.
  • Guaranteed quality for all the materials to be used in the construction, with special attention given to every detail for optimum results.
  • Turn-key job, in record time, with the least possible trouble for you, with EUROCASA’s guarantee.


Very reasonable pricing in respect with the quality offered.

Payment Conditions

Advantageous payment conditions, for any budget.

Bank Loan

Possibility of financing through a bank loan.